Social and Psychological Impacts of Smartphones

Smart phones - Super powers to our fingers, what are they to our Psychological self??

Smartphones are definitely here to stay. They have opened up a whole new avenue of possibilities. From simple flip phones to these huge junks of software these gadgets are certainly something to wonder. Smart phones has indeed become an essential element in social connectedness. For the younger generation staying socially connected means making a psychological neighborhood of all the people that can be reached within a swipe of a finger. Gone are the times when we were dependent on our landlines to make and receive calls.

Our earlier article has dealt with physical health issues that are associated with smartphone over-use and addiction, this week we are going to deal with the psychological and social impacts of the same. Thus cited below are the ways of how it destroys and hurt a human being. So gauge for yourself and check whether you are a smart phone addict or not.

Smartphone Stress

Smartphone over-use can definitely lead to psychological issues most prominently separation issues. When the users are asked to keep aside their smartphones for a while it is shown that they perform very poorly on their cognitive tasks. Several research studies indicate that the users have always felt that these phones are an extension of themselves and when they were being separated from their phones they felt a 'lessening of self' and lower psychological balance, therefore the under-performance.

Higher scores of Narcissism which simply means self-admiration and negative- personality including moodiness, envy and loneliness are linked to smartphone addiction. Next time keep a count on the number of selfies you click a day to admire yourself and gauge your addiction level by yourself. Convert FOMO (fear of missing out) to JOMO (joy of missing out) and lead a stress free life.

Smartphone Psychological Imbalances

Most of us feel obligated to be connected with our smartphones whether it be an email from work, social network notification or a tweet. High-frequency users always shows levels of stress and dissatisfaction towards their life when they are away from phones. Being anxious of whether or not they missed an important email or a Facebook update is pathetic. The need to keep in constant touch is what that leaves these users in turmoil.

Your smart phone may be able to connect you to the rest of the world via the different applications but it is also possible to disconnect you from the people surrounding you. Take heed not to choose your smart phone over real life. Communicating in the real world can help you in several ways. It can be therapeutic, aiding and even a life-saver.

Smartphone Depression

Smartphones are an all in one gadget. It can serve as a camera, music player, web browser, navigation tool and even a play station. Definitely offers you countless opportunities to experiment with, whether productive or not. If you prefer your smartphone apps over real life experiences then its high time that you gave that a second thought. An adventurous day trip with friends is umpteen times better than a Candy crush game that you play in your smartphone, gives you more humane touch and exposure. Find new and interesting hobbies to overcome your smart phone addiction.

No Over Sharing

Giving running commentaries of each and every second of your life is all part of social media not until you annoy your friends and family with all those pointless updates. In this era of smartphoning, the users are definitely overdoing it. Obviously with your phone being connected to the internet all day long leaves you with the privilege of sharing anything whenever you want. Be a responsible adult and choose what you share.

The fact that we can get any information anytime we want has quite an impact on our way of living. We are constantly connected and are expected to be available 24/7. Both a blessing and a curse!! So what do you think? Is your smart phone getting your life better or worse. Or are you that rare species that doesn’t live without one. Write back to us we are keen to hear from you.
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