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Samsung Galaxy S4 Staring Competition

It's interesting!

Samsung had introduced a new game at the time of the promo of its flagship smartphone of the year, the Galaxy S4. The game is based on the Smart Stay feature of the smartphone. The smart stay feature allows the phone to auto stop a video, a game, a presentation, if the front camera detects that the user is not looking at the screen. It can prevent the screen from turning locked if it could detect the sight of the viewer. Samsung's game was to promote this feature.

As per the game, the contestant has to stare at the camera of the device. The device will detect and record the time of staring. One who completes the 100% staring score will be the winner. The winner will get a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. It is not that easy as it seem to be. The company introduced some distractions too. The video is interesting to watch.

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