How To Recover Deleted Files From Your Smartphone

Have you ever wondered if you could recover deleted files from your phone?

Most of us may have looked for ways to recover files that we may have accidentally or otherwise deleted, especially photos or videos. Is there any way that we could have them restored, the answer is yes. The DiskdiggerPro App is the perfect answer to that question. Let’s learn more about this interesting application.

DiskdiggerPro App
Usually the deleted files are moved to recycle bin in case of a computer, however, this is not the case with Android phones. So what needs to be done here? There are quite a number of apps that do the job, one of them is the DiskgiggerPro.

Simply download and install, this application is safe and you don’t have to worry, you might come across a few security settings and that is because this application is not from play store. Once installed, you would find the app in the downloads folder, locate the app. Once the app is fully installed launch it.

You can choose the start basic photo scan and you can have your photos or videos recovered. You can also choose the file type.


Now if yours is a rooted phone you can have other data recovered as well. This app can be used to recover deleted files (photos and videos only if your phone is not rooted).


Dumpster App
However, if you want to have an app installed first, that would hold all your deleted files, an app where you can visit to check your deleted files and recover them if you needed or delete forever, the answer is Dumpster from Play Store. Search for it on Play Store, you have got to download and install this application on your phone.


Now you can choose to skip the intro


Ideally, you should land here


Once you have this app installed on your phone, all your deleted items would land in here. For instance, choose an image from you gallery that you wish to delete, such as this one:

Image Deleted

Once deleted, you can check for it in the dumpster,

Recovered Image


Restore Image

You can now choose to restore or delete forever. The dumpster app works pretty much similar to the Recycle Bin.
There you have 2 apps using which you can have your deleted stuffs restored.

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