Proper Tips to Conserve Battery in Smartphones

Here are some tips to let your smartphone battery juices flowing till the end of the day.

You don't need to start charging from the lowest percent to preserve the life of your battery.

Many people suggest that charging your battery from below 15% to 100% is good for battery life. But it's wrong and here is why.

Smartphone Battery Myths

Firstly, if one wants to have a good battery life for the smartphone, then he should check what type of battery he uses.

The smartphone comes with Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer battery. These batteries are far better than the old Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium types we use in our tv remotes and alarm clocks.

The problem with the Nickel Cadmium is that it has "memory effect," where the cell thinks that it have less capacity if they get recharged after being only partially discharged. But this is not the case with Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer battery.These modern batteries have 40% more capacity than the Nickel Cadmium ones and have no memory effect. So one does not need to charge from 0 to 100% with modern smartphones to preserve battery life. Battery life lasts longer if the smartphone gets charged between 45% to 80%. The lesser you bring down the battery level below than 25%, the more you hurt the battery life.
So you don't need to wait till your phone drops at the lowest percent to start charging.

There are also certain myths that exist in battery saving tips;

Cleaning background applications

Smartphones are smart and have its memory management system to clear applications when it needs more RAM. So a user can switch between applications and when not in use, the application froze in the background and remains in RAM. A user will be reducing the battery if he clears the applications and reopens them as it consumes RAM and thus battery power. Memory cleaning application only does harm to the battery life than good.

Disabling Network Mode

Turning off network mode only gives as much as 30 minutes of extra battery life and doesn't make much difference. In the past Wifi and Bluetooth consumed more battery, but now they need very less power and doesn't add much difference.

Charging battery overnight

Batteries are more advanced than in the past, and the battery won't be affected if it overcharges a night. In the old Lithium-Ion which is very sensitive to heat get exploded when overcharged, but it's not the case with advanced batteries. When a smartphone battery gets overcharged, it's getting Trickle charged - the charge the battery gets when it's already fully charged is very harmless as compared to a fully discharged battery.

There are almost very little things available for users to do to conserve battery life, and that includes proper charging methods, adjusting the screen brightness with respect to surroundings and keeping the battery temperature down to moderate temperature.

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This is eye opening. The myths are correct and followed by many people. Thanks
By on 23-06-2017
the myths are actually the things people do everyday.. and boast them-selfs that they are tech geeks.. lol..
By on 26-06-2017
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