Airtel To Launch VoLTE Today At New Delhi

Bharti Airtel would be next to Reliance in VoLTE

Airtel would be the second carrier in India to launch the VoLTE, reports suggest that users are receiving carrier updates adding support for VoLTE.

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VoLTE stands for voice over LTE, in it's simplest meaning it's when you can make voice calls over 4G rather than 2G or 3G connections as it usually is. Voice over LTE is when your carrier let's you place a phone call over your LTE connection. Currently mobiles rely on a combination of LTE for data and HSPA+ for calls which usually drops down to 3G signal when talking to someone over phone.

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VoLTE is the ability to make phone calls with higher quality audio. Two users on the VoLTE would notice a difference in voice quality. It is also noteworthy that the calls on both ends connects faster. The biggest advantage is that with VoLTE comes better connectivity and call quality but that is not it, there is so much more.

Saves your battery life
People who are currently using 4G will have their phone switching to 3G everytime they make a vice call and switch back to 4G once done, this causes your battery to take a major hit. With VoLTE this switching can be minimized t great extent, thus saving on your battery.
Apparently, VoLTE will need both communicating devices to be on VoLTE t enjoy this to its fullest. Keeping aside this one requirement, VoLTE is expected to be a hit.

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Last updated on 10-07-2017. Published on 10-07-2017.
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