Android Nougat Now Have Panic Detection Mode

Google introduced new methods to prevent malicious attacks

Recently, Android devices are targetted for mass malicious attacks and many cyber security firms were busy reporting back to Google about various fake apps popping up in Google Play.

Nougat Panic

As a resort to bring back the Android under control and to make the OS more secure for average users. Google has enabled a panic detection method inside the application. The new "Panic detection" works very nicely. When a user comes across a malicious app that prevents the user from using any navigation button or using the screen, Android will itself override the application by sensing the panic of the user and brings back the home screen. The user can then easily uninstall the malicious application from the launcher itself.

Android enters Panic Detection Mode by pressing 4 consecutive back button presses and this new feature is added secretly by Google inside the Android Nougat 7.1 to tight-up the security and to make the operating system more secure for users.

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Last updated on 10-07-2017. Published on 10-07-2017.
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