Apple Brings Down Prices; The GST Effect

Apple embraces GST; cuts down prices on iPhone, iPad and Mac

1st of July, when India woke up to the new taxing system, what we are looking at is a new era of taxing like never before, since independence. While everybody are looking forward to an economical make-shift that would have a direct impact on the common man's life, little did anyone think that a smartphone giant like Apple would have quite a surprise up their sleeve.

Apple is offering upto 7.2% discount on the iPhone range in India, discounts applicable to iPad and Mac as well. Reports have it that Apple is likely to slash the prices in India starting July 1st, since the GST comes into effect. There has been no confirmation from Apple as of yet whether the changes are made in accordance with the new tax reform in India.

Apparently CEO Tim Cook, appreciates PM Modi's move and welcomes GST as it slashes tax uniformly on Apple products at 12% rather than anywhere between 8 to 20 per cent; this variation hugely depended on the state governments.

Let's look at the figures
iPhone 6s Plus Colors

The tech giant is now offering a staggering discount of 7.2%, which means iPhone SE 32GB now starts at Rs.26,000 after a discount of Rs.1200, while the 128GB variant is priced at Rs.35,000 after a discount of Rs.2,200. On similar regards, iPhone 6S 32GB is priced at Rs.46,900 and 128GB at Rs.55,900. iPhone 6S Plus 32GB is now available to users at Rs.56,100 and the 128GB variant at Rs.65,000. Apple has not restricted itself to offering discounts to the older models only but, the iPhone 7 and 7Plus as well. The iPhone 7 32GB comes at Rs.56,200, 128GB for Rs.65,200 and 256GB at Rs.74,400. That's not it, iPhone 7Plus is now at Rs.85,400.

Iphone 6s 6 Colors Lineup

The 12.9 inch iPad Pro 512GB will be at Rs.97,000, the 10.5 inch iPad Pr is now at Rs.50,800 for 64GB and Rs.84,500 for 512GB.

iPad Mini 10

The 12 inch MacBook starts at Rs.1,04,800, the 13 inch at 1,04,900 and 1,64,100 for the 512GB variant. The 15 inch MacBook Pro will retail at Rs.1,95,800 and Rs.2,28,100 for the 512GB variant.

Mac OS Sierra Update

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