Google Play will notify when the page loads back

In a new major update, Google Pay will notify users when the page loads back, when users met with bad internet connection.

Gone are those times when you try to install a very important application in Google Play but the page failed to load because of slow internet and you try to reload it a thousand times to get it right.

Google Play Store

Google will notify when the page will be alive, so now you could go back being crazy doing your chores.

Google Error Notify

Now, the Google Play became smarter with all the revamped design and now it's gearing up to notify users about slow and bad internet also. With this new feature, Google when detects a slow internet connection, alerts the user with an error page along with an added option to notify the user about when it will reload back as soon as it gets a good internet connection.

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Last updated on 15-06-2017. Published on 15-06-2017.
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