Google Taimen: The Latest One in the Google Pixel Phones Line-Up

Ahead of Google’s Pixel handsets, the latest arrival maybe of the Taimen’s.

The Taimen is a handset that is in pre-production, but some of it’s features, though not officially out, as of what we know, suggests that this should be a piece that you sure will have to wait until early next year; for it is undoubtedly the phone of the future.

Google Pixel Taimen

It is noteworthy that the earlier Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were two phones that came in the Pixel series. These phones were code named internally at Google as “Muskie” and “Walleye”. Now, what is this all about? For the unfamiliar, Google has a tradition of naming its products after aquatic fauna especially fish, the name “Taimen” is after a certain fish or aquatic animal, but what we understand is that it should have a bigger screen, making it a tablet maybe or maybe a phone to be a part of the Pixel series, however there is no confirmation on this.

There is no clarity as of how the phone may appear to be like, we are expecting it to seem like the Pixel phones, the specifications of the phone would take your breath away, the design will match your expectations. To have a deeper understanding of the phone let us cruise through its specifications.

What little do we know so far?
The Taimen would run on the Android O, the latest version of android that is only currently made available for development preview. The device is still under testing and it is said to have a speed score of 1.9GHz, well equipped with a Qualcomm octa-core processor(mostly the Snapdragon 835 processor). It is also dais to have a 4GB RAM which in comparison to the One Plus5 is not as impressive, but this feature should be more than sufficient if the Taimen is a tablet.

We do not have official pictures of the device, we may have to wait up until Google chooses to reveal.

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