Holographic Phone, First One Of It's Kind

Red launches a holographic smartphone and it is the first of it's kind

Red, a firm especially known for making high-end cameras has now launched a phone that has bizarre specs. The phone code-named Hydrogen One is said to be the first smartphone in the world to showcase holographic display. Red's latest smartphone sports a 5.7" holographic display, which negates the need of glasses to utilize 3D applications to the fullest.

Hydrogen One

The phone allows traditional 2D content, 3D along with augmented reality and virtual reality. Hydrogen One from Red would run on the Android operating system. It is quite doubtful whether the phone would even launch in India, in the US it is estimated to be around $1600.

This is all we know about the phone so far.

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Last updated on 10-07-2017. Published on 08-07-2017.
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