LG V30 Leaked Again

To sport dual camera, and dual display or Samsung-like infinity display?

LG is gearing up with a new weapon in the garage, the V30 – successor of the V20, says the leaked images. Rumoured reports portray that the V30 will be unleashed with a secondary slide-out display which is intended to uninterrupt primary display’s activity. The display could be of OLED.

The integration of secondary display reminds us BlackBerry Priv. However, LG coms with a touch display rather than the physical one seen on the Priv. Once launched, the V30 will stand as the flagship device of LG mobile spotting the latest Android version, and processor. The V30 is expected to be launched later this year.

Lg V30

The other leaks show that the device will have only one display, which is somewhat recalling Samsung’s Infinity display ensuring maximum display to body ratio. From the later leaks, it is clear that the device is powered by a dual primary camera, which could be borrowed from the G6, which has a peppier 13MP normal and 13MP wide-angle one. The V30 is even beautified with a killer glossy, mirror finish.

Lg V30 2

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