Microsoft Introduces 4 Step Aadhar Verification in Skype Lite

Microsoft incorporates a 4 step verification process in Skype Lite to cripple identity theft.

In a world that is changing, your identity can be misused by someone unknown. Cyber security is one among the main concerns that needs to be monitored at all times to prevent theft of your identity. Microsoft comes forward with a 4-step Aadhar verification process hoping to put an end to such scams. By integrating Aadhar verification into Skype Lite, Microsoft hopes to blur the line between two users even before the communication is initiated.

Skype Lite Aadhar Verification

To confirm your identity, you would be sharing your name, birth year, Aadhar photo and the last fur digits of your Aadhar number. In this feature, a user can request Aadhar verification before they even start a video call. T do so, the user can choose the "Verify Aadhar Identity". Enter their 12-digit Aadhar number and authenticate by putting in a one-time password that is sent to your registered mobile number via SMS. Once the identity is verified users can choose to share their selected information with the other.

With all this in place, Microsoft also promises no private information will be stored and remembered on Skype Lite. The feature ensures that two parties such as business clients or government representatives could first have their identities verified even before a conversation initiates thereby preventing impersonation fraud.

Skype Lite is a standard lightweight version of Skype like Facebook Lite is to Facebook, designed to work on slower networks.

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Last updated on 06-07-2017. Published on 06-07-2017.
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