Play Digital Files Locally With Plex

Play all the movies you have with the Plex App locally.

Plex is a widely loved client-server media player system which helps to stream the digital content you own like full-length movies, pictures, mp3's and videos files on the go.

Plex Video Local

But now with the new Plex update, it will also support playback of all the digital content stored locally in the device without connecting to the Plex server.

"With our latest update to our Android app, you’ll be able to use Plex to simply open and play just about any video file that you already have on your device or SD card. Or, open a file in another app and choose to play it in Plex. Give us your .MP4s, your .MKVs, your .AVIs, your .WMVs, or even your .WMDs (did you catch that, FBI?) We play them all. No server required!" reads a blog that published by Plex.

With the newly updated Plex app, the users will be able to play videos which are locally stored in the device and supports a variety of formats like the MP4, MKV, AVI and. WMV. and the video playback will be the same like streaming in Plex with the internal subtitles, artwork, poster, and summary as well.

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Last updated on 14-06-2017. Published on 14-06-2017.
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