Vodafone to lead the show in Whitelisting websites

Vodafone decides not to advertise in websites containing Fake news and Hate Speech

After the failure of Google and Facebook to prevent the supply of ads in content that proclaims terrorism, hate speech and fake news, Vodafone; one of the UK's number one voice network decided to bring a new advertising policy to make a list of whitelisting websites to promote their ads.

Vodafone Whitelist Website

Vodafone is the first company to come up with a plan to whitelist websites and wants to move beyond the algorithms of Google and Facebook. According to Matt Peacock at Vodafone:“When it comes to making a judgment about a site or channel focused on fake news or hate speech, what’s needed is a human judgment, an editorial assessment. It’s not possible to rely on algorithms alone. For that reason, we’ve concluded that the best way to ensure brand safety is to use a whitelist approach.”

The procedure of whitelisting websites include reviewing it on a regular basis and filtering it based on human judgment. Vodafone's hate speech definition extends to "deliberately intend to degrade women or vulnerable minorities.”

Vodafone defined fake news as: “presented as fact-based news (as opposed to satire or opinion) that has no credible primary source (or relies on fraudulent attribution to a primary source) with what a reasonable person would conclude is the deliberate intention to mislead.” But the whitelisting of ads are only limited to advertisements and users have the liberty to browse any websites through Vodafone network without any hindrance.

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Last updated on 07-06-2017. Published on 07-06-2017.
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