Apple's iOS 8 will be launched today

The much anticipated iOS 8 update will be out on September 17

Apple's iOS 8 update is set to be released today for general public. It has already been in use as a Beta version for developers and Techie users of Apple whereas this one comes down a notch to work at ease with the not so techie Apple users. Update is expected to be released around Pacific time 10 AM and it will reach China and further east, Japan only by early hours of September 18.

Apple iOS 8

Update will be available through Over The Air (OTA) or through desktop application of iTunes. Apple warns its customers to have their devices well charged before beginning the update or it will not commence. The models compatible with iOS 8 are iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina Display and iPod touch (5th gen).

New features includes Health Hub, which collects and sums up your entire health and fitness data including your lab results and illness status. Interactive notifications are installed to help you have an uninterrupted functioning while you can still reply to a message without closing the App that you are using. Two simple taps on the device will directly take you to home page which now provides a back ground status of all Apps running and also frequently used contacts. Yes it is all about multitasking here. Quick type keyboard with predictive phrases is another attraction which gets better in time by adjusting to your vocabulary, typing style and speed.

Apple iOS 8 camera updates

Next main update is associated with photos, where a large space is being granted with the iCloud drive service with first 5GB storage absolutely free. Photo app has also been given a manual control over focus and exposure along with better editing options compared to the earlier version. Design and animations are said to be been improvised compared to iOS 7. Handoff extension is another new feature which helps the users to pick up a task on an Apple device which they had left off on another Apple product. It would mean that you can take a call on your Mac while it is actually being channeled from your iPhone. This feature will work with Apple mail, iMessage etc as you switch between your Apple products.

Improved spotlight search is another feature worth mentioning, anyone who has had the pleasure of spotlight earlier would find new tweaks delightful along with voice search. Same is done with Siri, the task management application of Apple which is now voice enabled and it even talks back to you. Well may be Apple is one step closer to Spike Jones's 'Her'.
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