Will Samsung Tizen OS be a worthy challenger to the Android throne?

The next tide of Tizen phones to be launched by Samsung later this year.

Samsung has launched its first Tizen based smartphone earlier this year and amazingly the phone has thrived well in the world market. According to the statistics released by the South Korean giant, the company has sold over 500,000 units of the device in India since launch. The specification doesn’t feature much but the price is all that matters for those of whom looking for a decent upgrade from a base level phone to a smartphone. And that is certainly the reason behind the huge sales history. Bangladesh was top among the charts for the highest number of sales.

So what exactly does Tizen mean? Tizen is Samsung’s own Linux-based OS. Initially it was conceptualized by Tizen community in 2012 as an on-going project within the Linux Foundation. Tizen is an open source, standards based software platform aimed towards various mobile operators and technology manufacturers. Tizen’s utility is beyond just mobile devices, and it has been developed for automobile systems, televisions and even Watches as well.

Tizen OS

According to Reuters the Korean Tech giant is all set to release several of Tizen OS smart phones at varying prices. The specifications has not yet been revealed. Sources suggest that the hardware featured would be aggressive enough to compete with the existing Android and ios platforms. The early version Z1 which the company released in India this January was being classified as an affordable smartphone. Even then the company did suffer ample struggles for mass acceptation and adoption.

So with the next devices Samsung would definitely want to emphasize more on consumer satisfaction and user appeal in order to stay longer in the tech market. The Tizen Z1 has given millions of smartphone users a terrible experience with a very few apps and an altogether bizzare UI. The lack of apps has prevented Samsung releasing their Tizen Z1 in many countries including Japan and France. Now, Samsung is trying to get past that by creating its own apps. Given that this is a phone that some first time smartphone buyers might buy, not too many of them will be happy if the lack of apps isn’t fixed soon enough. Samsung should obviously need to bring down the latest games, apps, etc., to Tizen by convincing creators.

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Lets hope that the next set of Tizen smartphones does justice by featuring more apps and a much user friendly Interface. In a world where Android and therefore Google have come to reign smartphones and tablets, Samsung is hoping that Tizen will be an hard-hitting Android alternative.
Good luck Samsung!!
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