Drawbacks of the Smartphones Currently Ruling the Market

Read here the major drawbacks of the smartphones, which are currently leading in the market.

Every coin has two sides. However perfect a thing might be, there would be something missing in it. So is the case of smartphones. No smartphones have been released so far, which is out and put perfect. All of the smartphones available in the market has some or other drawbacks. We are presenting the drawbacks of the top smartphones of the time.

1.Apple iPhone5:

Apple iPhone 5

Lets start our disadvantage highlighter with Apple iPhone 5. Even the legend has drawbacks!

Apple Maps: Apple Map is the biggest issue reported by the users. As an attempt to get rid of Google, Apple has tried to bring in its own version of Map, ditching the Google Maps. But a child will not run soon after its birth. It will learn to walk first, by falling down several times and then only it will run. Apple is a beginner in the field of Maps. It can not perform as well as Google Maps. The fuss in the press got so bad that Apple CEO Tim Cook actually apologized publicly, and promised the app would improve over time.

Problem with Wi-Fi: A number of people have reported issues with their iPhone 5 connecting to specific Wi-Fi networks. They complain that, the device sometimes refuses to connect at all; sometimes it drops the connection.

Overheating and excessive battery drain: There are a number of users, who complain about the iPhone getting hot soon. Also, they complain about the poor battery life.

Scratches on the body: iPhone 5’s anodized aluminum casing get scratched and scuffed very easily as per the reports. Some users say that the scratches are there from the moment they unpack their precious iPhone. This is not a silly accusation. A number of people found the coating easily scratched off around the edges and chipped on the back panel, revealing the silver aluminum beneath.

Purple glare on photos: The camera on the iPhone 5 is supposed to be the best yet, but many users have reported a strange purple glare. Whenever there is a strong edge or out-of-scene light source, there appears a dirty purple glare, which is more than enough to spoil your best picture.

Light leakage: A few people reported that light was leaking out around the power connector on the white iPhone 5. though it’s not really noticeable unless you are in low light or dark surroundings, it is a flaw.

Rattling from inside: According to the reports of some users, they hear a rattling sound from the inside of the iPhone when it is lightly shaken.

Date and time bug: The date and Time bug has been pointed out by the Verizon customers. Some users reported that the device was losing minutes, but others complained of it being hours out of sync and even changing the date by several days. Many people have suggested it is related to the LTE network, but neither Apple nor Verizon was keen to take responsibility. Which is not a good attitude at all.

Unresponsive touchscreen: There are a few complaints about the touchscreen of iPhone 5 getting non responsive, when a finger is dragged forwards and backwards diagonally across the display. Some people have even reported a completely unresponsive touchscreen or the screen going blank for a few seconds. There are some other instances, where the screen registering touches from the area of the screen, where the user has really not touched.

Design not as iconic as iPhone 4: Though the two-slabs-of-glass approach did lead to extra shattering, the iPhone 4 (and 4S) made a design statement that nobody but Apple could have pulled off. The design of the iPhone 5, lacks the timeless industrial look of its predecessor.

Auto-brightness not working: According to the complaints of some users, the auto brightness control option does not seem to be working well.

The new display is not proportionally bigger, but only taller.

No USB Mass Storage mode.

No FM radio.

No stereo speakers.

No microSD card slot.

No NFC connectivity.

2.Samsung Galaxy S4:

Samsung Galaxy S4

As Samsung Galaxy has released only very recently, it is a bit difficult to point out the cons of the phone. It has not reached India yet. Still we could collect the drawbacks of the phone.

Design and Construction: One of the major negative point about Galaxy S4 is that it does not look unique or premium. It should have adopted a different look rather than that of the Galaxy S3.

It has no premium feel in hand.

The phone doesn’t have FM Radio.

Camera not rich: Even with the 13MP, Galaxy S 4 is no better than Galaxy S 3. In some cases, S3 performs better. The interface of the shared camera in Galaxy S4 makes the framing complicated.
No wireless charging.

3.Sony Xperia Z:

Sony Xperia Z

'The best of Sony in a smart phone”, Xperia Z is not devoid of cons.

Concerning Battery Life: The major complaints from the users are about the battery life of the handset. Though the battery runs the whole day, it is not so good with multi tasking. Though the smartphone has a large 2330 mAh battery to rely on, the quad-core Krait CPU and the 5″ 1080p display are known to consume quite a lot of power.

Hot! : While browsing or playing a video in the phone, Xperia Z becomes hot at the back side.
Poor viewing angles.

Magnet to fingerprints: The front and the back sides of the device has got a stunning looking glass cover, but it attracts finger prints.
No dedicated camera key: As the device being the flagship phone, it is really a shame that it does not have a dedicated camera shutter button.

Non-removable battery: This is exactly where Sony disappointed the users. The users will not be able to replace the battery with another. They will have to depend up on the very same battery.

Camera not satisfactory: The 13MP camera is not outstanding. Though it takes good snaps in day light, a low light photo shoot is not satisfactory.

4.HTC One:


HTC One is the company's flagship phone. Though it is feature rich., lets check whether it is drawback rich too.

Lacks a microSD card slot: This is the major disadvantage of HTC One.

Outdated OS: Though HTC will be hopefully updating the OS, the current one is bit outdated.

Poor Battery: Battery capacity not much.

Misplaced Power Button: Awkwardly-placed and uncomfortable power button

Poor Codec Support: Poor video and audio codec support out of box

5.Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos:

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is becoming the new sensation of India. But there some drawbacks of this device, which prevents it from becoming the leading selling brand. Lets check out them.

Poor display: From the day of its official announcement, the Grand has been criticised for its poor display. No AMOLED Display.

Poor Pixel Density: Galaxy Grand is so poor in its pixel density. It has a ppi of only 187. which will give you visible pixels.

Poor Battery: Galaxy Grand is providing a disappointing battery life.

Design: Plastic chassis is not great as of Note II and S 3. Handling of the phone is not good as were in Note 2 and S 3.

No Shutter key: There’s no dedicated camera shutter key.

These are the main drawbacks of the currently leading smartphones. Go through it before you jump in to selecting one.
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