Samsung Galaxy S4 – Disadvantages

Here come the major disadvantages of the much acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S4.

There are no doubts in saying that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most anticipated phone of the year. And when it came, there were only whooping sounds everywhere. As the first waves of excitement are getting calmer, let’s have a sensible assessment of the major disadvantages of the flagship smartphone of Samsung.

Issue number one: the internal memory:

It is true that all the smartphones have less internal memory than that is mentioned in the spec sheet. The same goes with the Galaxy S4 too. The Galaxy S4 has been sold in 16 GB version. But in reality, the 16GB version is shown as only 9GB version. All the rest of the memory is consumed by the applications. Samsung reacted to this complaint by claiming that the user might be able to free-up some extra memory with software optimisation. Though this difference in memory is not rare in the genre of smartphones, being a flagship phone, S4’s case is different. But, there is an external sd card slot for increasing the memory. So, this will not be a deal breaker after all.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Drawbacks

Issue Number 2: Wi-Fi connectivity issue:

Your Galaxy S4 has every possibility to have Wi-Fi issues, if you are using a D-Link router. The company themselves have declared openly that the phone has a problem connecting with some models from the popular router manufacturer. As per the words of a spokesperson of Samsung, "This is a problem caused by firmware stored on a specific access point in D-Link routers. Customers should update their firmware to the latest version or reboot the access point."

Issue Number 3: Supply issues:

The grand release of the Galaxy S4 had been followed by the supply issues. We should say that this set back was enough to teke of the excitement of the release of the much awaited smartphone of the year.Samsung came up with an explanation soon, that, “due to overwhelming global demand for Galaxy S4, the initial supply may be limited. We expect to fulfill inventory to meet demands in the coming weeks.”

This will not be a major issue as shipping more devices can easily solve it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Drawbacks

Issue Number 4: No FM Radio:

Radio is a feature which many do not care and many do care. The Samsung Galaxy S4 does not have an FM radio. Samsung came with an explanation that had seen a trend toward digital consumption of content and that this is what the Samsung Galaxy S4 is all about.

So, in short, being addicted to FM Radio means you belong to th older generation. Sipmle!

Issue Number 5: the Plastic Rear:

This has been the major complaint aroused by the users of Galaxy S4 so far. The complaint is that the device lacks the looks of a high end smartphone. The same complaint was aroused at the time of Galaxy S3 too. It is sad that Samsung did not go for a design change. The device packs a very thin plastic back cover. It would have been better if the design was unibody like that of the Xperia Z.

Issue Number 6: the Camera:

There are no doubts that the Galaxy S4 does have a very stunning camera with attractive bunch of features. Bbut, it is not free from flaws. The camera is too slow. Though not all times, the camera sometimes can be testing your level of patience. It can be really slow while changing the modes, and in the heat of the moment.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Drawbacks

And also, there are no major improvements in the camera than that of the Galaxy S3. THE Galaxy S4’s increase in sensor megapixels makes it sound like a huge step up over the 8-megapixel S3. But, as they use the same sensors for the camera, the result is more or less the same.

Issue Number 7: Battery issues:

Some Galaxy S4 users complaint about the quick draining of the battery charge. This happens even when the phone is not being used. Then, it could be some serious issue, right? This could be due to the background process which forces the phone to work even when it is not being used. It is a common issue for the Android smartphones and it is a software issue.

There are some ways through which you can solve this issue. Turning the Wi- Fi and 3G connections off when they are not in use can save a pretty good amount of battery life. But you will need to go for a complete software update to solve this issue for a long time.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Drawbacks

Issue Number 8: Display:

We should say that the display of Samsung Galaxy S4 is far better than that of the S3. The S3’s major issues – the sub retina resolution, brightness issues and over saturated colours- have been rectified in Galaxy S4. But still, it is not perfect.

The main issues regarding the display of the Samsung Galaxy S4 are, the blue shade when it is tilted, over saturated colour when you change the colour setting of the phone. Some users complaint that the screen gets blurred when it is moved fast.

These are the major issues of the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you are a Galaxy S4 user, go through it well and share with us whether you experience any issues mentioned in it. If you are not a Galaxy S4 user, you should go through the article and know aboit the major complaints raised by the users.
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