Indian Smartphones- the Major Drawbacks

Here are the major drawbacks by the Indian Smartphone manufacturers.

Recently, India has become the third largest market of smartphones in the world. The first place is occupied by the US and Chine is there in the second position. After China, there comes India. Still, there are major difference in the smartphones manufactures by the top manufacturers like Samsung, Nokia, Apple, HTC, Sony and Indian companies like Karbonn, Lava, Micromax etc. Though the Indian manufactures’ phones are rich with specs and come at such an affordable price, the major part of the people still prefer the leading multinational brands. That clearly shows that we are a few steps behind them. Let’s go through the main drawbacks of Indian manufactures smartphones.

Indian Smartphones

Other than the tightly packed spec list and a comparatively lower price tag, there is something else which a smartphone customer will be looking at. Some of them would be the customer service, reliability, durability and new innovations in both the hardware and the software of the smartphone. These factors can very well influence the success and failure of a brand itself. The main areas where our Indian smartphone companies are really below average are:

1.After sales service and customer care:

It is the biggest complaint from all the customers who buy an Indian smartphone. Most of the companies do not have a decent after sales service. How many Karbonn/Lava/Micromax/iBall outlets are there in your town? How many are there in your state? Very few. Finding an official service centre is not that easy in these cases. Take the case of Samsung or Sony. They have so many service centres across the country. So it’s not hard to find out a reliable service centre. What happens in India is, as it is really hard to locate a service centre for the Indian smartphones, customers will go to local technicians, who are not at all skilled in the particular area, and this will result in utter disaster.

After Sales Servicing

Even if there is a service centre, the approach of the technicians and the employees there matters a lot. As there will be very few number of service centres, those will be overcrowded with tasks to complete, which will obviously make them show poor performance. The biggest fall out raised from the lack of proper after sale service of the Indian smartphones is that they have been branded as non reliable devices. If the Indian smartphone manufacturers wish to move up, this is one of the major areas where they will have to start restructuring.

2.Design and Hardware:

If you are a brilliant observer, you can see a pattern in the Indian smartphones. Take for example the latest smartphone released by Videocon, Videocon A55HD, or take the Canvas series of Micromax. What are the specs? The only difference they have from the previous version will be a slight modification in the front camera. Or in the ppi. Or a difference of 0.5 inches in the screen display. Are these really an “update”? There are no clear cut modifications or difference.

Look at the designs. All are more or less alike. Round edged body, a rear camera on the top centre portion of the back side of the phone, no dedicated shutter key, no unique designs at all. If you take off the brand name from the phone, most of them will look like twins! If Samsung or Sony brings in a new change, why should we blindly copy them? Can't we make something of our own? At least for a change? What about the three buttons under the screen? Same in all Indian smartphones as in the Samsung devices!

Unless they are bringing some innovative, fresh design changes, Indian manufacturers will have no other way than merely aping the leading multinational brands and be a subordinate to them forever.

3.The inner parts/Software

Have you ever thought about the UI of Indian smartphones? Samsung has TouchWiz, LG has Optimus UI, HTC has Sense. What does Micromax have? Or Xolo? Or any other Indian smartphone? All of them have the very same user interface. It seems like Indian manufacturers do not want to go beyond the stock Android home screen. It is true that there will Las slight modifications in the notice bar. But that doesn't count, right? Why aren't they thinking about a unique UI? Something of our own? India has immense talents. If there are proper motivation and encouragement, there will be thousands in India, who will be able to come up with challenging innovations. Give them a chance.

User Interface

Winding Up:

The only way for the Indian smartphone/mobile phone manufacturers to get rid of all these drawbacks is to put man power and money in these areas. They should take some initiative. The result is assured. If they take these things seriously and put in a little effort, the output will be amazing. If the companies give importance to these areas as they presently giving to the spec sheet and price, the Indian smartphone manufacturing will become more and more competent. It’s high time India should stop aping Samsung or HTC or Sony. It is true that Samsung brings in more innovation at a reasonable price. But mere mimicking it will not make an Indian company equal to it.

Becoming a brand that the customer relies and trusts is not a small thing. We are not saying that it is easy, but if the companies take one step at a time, nothing is impossible. India can be the top smartphone manufacturing country in the whole world. Currently, the position of India is really great. The Indian brands have achieved popularity in releasing smartphones with high end specs and a low end price tag. What all features the leading smartphones have, we have them too. And we are able to market it at such a very low price. If the companies take care the three main areas we mentioned here, there is no doubt that India will top the world market. Hope some manufacturers read this!
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