Smartphone Vs Feature phone

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Smartphones and Feature phones.

We are living in a world of technical explosion. Every day, new gadgets are getting released with highly sophisticated apps and features. Cell phones have changed to smartphones and feature phones. The difference between the two is obvious. The world started running behind smartphones, considering the other inferior. Are the feature phones really inferior to the smartphones? There are so many areas where the feature phone excels.

Smartphone Vs Feature Phone

The new trend is to blindly follow the status mania. Owning a costly smartphone has become the latest fashion. You should think before you follow the line. Is the smartphone really needed for you? There are so many feature phones available in the market at a more convenient price. Let's check the advantages and disadvantages of Smartphones and Feature phones.

Advantages of Smartphone:

The given below are the advantages of a smartphone.

1.Time Killer:


Waiting for somebody? Travelling? Bored at a meeting? Feeling lonely? Smartphone could be a solution to all these worries. The numerous Apps and features of the Smartphone will get you engaged that you will never notice the time running. Keep away from being bored or lazy. Surf through news, watch videos, play games, take pictures, draw, paint, do something creative.

2. Keep you updated:

No need to buy newspapers any more. Your smartphone can bring to you all the updated information you need. In the form of RSS and news letters, your device can update you. An ardent fan of sports? Wanna know what is happening there with in seconds? No need to search for updated news/ events. They will come searching for you. All you need is a smartphone.

3.Mini Computer:

A smartphone can perform all the basic things a computer can do. So, if you have a smartphone with you, you can avoid carrying a PC wherever you go. Prepare presentations, watch videos, movies, edit documents, collect details from internet, mail updates, everything is possible with a smartphone.

4.Get Information:

A smartphone can help you in learning. It can get you updated information. Are you an active social network sites user? Then you will just love the smartphone as it helps you in keeping yourself updated with the social networking sites.

5.Watch Videos:

Kill the boring journey with a high resolution movie on the go. It is possible with a smartphone. If your smartphone has an HD quality display, you will be amazed by the clarity of the video.

6.All in one:

A smartphone acts as so many devices at a time. An MP3 Player, a mini TV, a GPS tracking device, a navigator, a mini computer, a type writer, a document editor, a camera, a video recorder, a voice recorder, a store where you can save your files, a smartphone is one in all.

7.Transfer Files rapidly:


Share and transfer files from your PC or from another device using Bluetooth or other sharing options like touch and share. You don't need to connect the lengthy data cable to transfer the data. It is easy and simple.


Almost all smartphones coming to the market has a very good camera. Most of them will be having twin cameras. One at the rear side of the phone for taking pictures and one at the front for video calling and to take self pictures. Many camera features will be available, which can mesmerise you. As most of them will be having an LED flash light accompanied with the camera, there is no need to worry about the low light photo shoot.

9. A helping hand at Work:


A good smartphone can help you a lot in your professional life. Being able yo edit and upload documents and replying to official mails while you are stuck at some traffic blocks is a real blessing. You can even upload files in your mails. No need to take a PC with you for this. No need to search for an internet connection. It is so easy.

10. GPS:

Travelling somewhere? Don't know the route? Use maps in your smartphone. The GPS in your smartphone will locate your current position and will guide you to the exact destination with utmost clarity. not sure where is the nearest restaurant or resort or theatre? Your smartphone a give you those details too. No need to take guide or a map with you.

Disadvantages of smartphone:

1. Social Isolation:


This is one of the major issue caused by the over usage of a smartphone. You will get so immersed in your smartphone that you would forget your duties and responsibilities as a social individual. Your life will get shortened with in the four walls of your home. Falling in love with the mobile games, videos and music, you will forget the outdoor games, theatres, concerts, gatherings, hang outs and all. This is a major drawback of smartphone.

2. Personal relations:

Bringing a smartphone in to your bedroom can cause serious relationship issues. Haven't you seen couple at a restaurant, busy eating and checking their phone? The result will be a drastic family life. An outing with your kids/ dear ones can be the worst experience if you gets carried away by your smartphone.

3. 24×7 Workaholic:

It was like 9-5 working hours once. Now it is like 9-9 and with the smartphone, its like 24×7. Smartphones make sure that you don't miss any mails, video calls, and any deadlines. The last thing you do late at night will be checking your phone for any new mails and you will start your day with checking them again for reply from your officials. Do not frown, it happens.



Smartphones can cause major distractions. While in theatre, or with your friends, or with your family, the smartphone does not have any sense of its own. If you don't put it in silent mode, it will take you back to your official duties and this will make your dear ones move away from you. The games and the Apps can be so addictive that you even won't here the complaints from your own dear ones.

5.Addictive Games:

The games in these smartphones can be dangerously addictive. The visual graphics would be so catchy and the gaming experience will be so ecstatic that the player might forget everything around him.

6. Costly:

Smartphones are costlier than feature phones. Though smartphones are available from 3000/- rupees onwards, most of the customers prefer costlier phones as it could be a symbol of status. The tragedy is that the smartphone which you bought with one or two ten thousands will get outdated in a couple of months and you will regret spending that much amount on it. You will feel like buying an updated one. That new one would be costlier than your old one and you cannot sell your old phone at even half price. Even the parts of the smartphones are too expensive. The battery, screen, everything of a smartphone is much more expensive than those of a feature phone.

7.Pseudo status:

The price and brand of the smartphone can set up your status – that is the latest rule of the society. Go for the larger displayed smartphone. They would be the most costly. iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S series, Sony Xperia Z series etc are the status setter smartphones. Though you can get a good smartphone with all features at Rs. 10,000/-, it is the trend to go for a high pecked smartphone. There are people who are ready to spend half a lakh rupees, just for a smartphone! Hope they have their own reasons other than this status dilemma!

8.Battery Drainage:

Smartphone battery drainage is too speedy than that of the feature phone. Due to the display features, touch screen, processor, camera, connectivities etc, the battery power will be soon drained. No smartphone will give you a battery life for more than 2 days. But in the case of a feature phone, you can use it for four days maximum without fearing the battery. So, if you are going for long journeys, better you keep a feature phone along with you.

9.Bigger to handle:

Smartphones are getting bigger day by gay. Phablets are the latest trend. 4 inch or 5 inch display screens are prevailing the smartphone market. Considering the size, it is quite difficult to handle the smartphones. In the cases of 4 inch or 5 inch smartphones, one hand using is out of question. You will need both your hands to operate it. You can't out it in your dress' pocket either. You will have to take the device separately in a pouch. Not that cool, no?

10. Delicate:

Smartphones are rather brittle ones than the feature phones. Remember how many times your old Nokia phone has fallen down on the floor? Still it worked perfectly. That is not the case with smartphone. Once, twice, maximum thrice, and it will be dead for ever!

Advantages of Feature phone:

Feature phone is a midway line between the Smartphone and the basic phone. A feature phone will have more features and apps than the basic phone. A basic phone will have only calling and messaging facility. A feature phone will be having a display, design, look, camera, storage capacity, multimedia options etc better than the basic phone. But a feature phone is far inferior to a smartphone in its apps and features. Read here the advantages and disadvantages of a feature phone.


Feature Phone

Feature phones are very affordable and are available from Rs 1000/- onwards. A good quality feature phone with almost all good features will be available from Rs. 1500/- onwards. Comparing to the smartphone prices, this price tag is too low. It will satisfy the basic needs of a user. You wont feel bad if you buy a new one as the old one didn't cost you much. But you will not feel like changing the phone as you will be completely satisfied with its performance.

2. Durability:

Feature phones are durable than smartphones. It is only very rarely that you will have to change the spare parts of a feature phone. In most of the cases, the worst damage that can happen to a feature phone by long time use is its key pad getting illegible. There is an easy solution too. You can replace it with a new key pad at Rs.50/- or 100/-.

3.Battery Life:

Feature phones have the maximum battery life. If you are using the phone for only basic needs, you will get a battery charge up to maximum 4 days. 4 days charge with single charging. No smartphone user can ever imagine that with their brand new one. It is only after 5 or 7 years' ardent use that you will have to change the battery of a feature phone. You can replace it with a new one at a very cheap cost.

4. Smaller size:

Feature Phone

Feature phones are really handy and compact. Comparing with the size of smartphone, a feature phone is too easy to handle and can be operated with one hand. You can slide the phone in to your pocket easily. It is light weighted too. You don't have to painfully stretch your pretty hand to reach the corners of the phone. Guys with small hands, this would be the more suitable one for you.


With a feature phone, you don't have to worry about any securities or privacy issues. Less complication, lesser trouble. As there are no passwords or secret data that you can store in your feature phone, you will be far less worried than a smartphone owner when you found that your phone is missing. With a smartphone, you will be logging in to your email account, accessing net banking, keeping your passwords in password manager. Nothing else is needed you to panic if you misplace your phone somewhere. With a feature phone life ls less complicated.

6. Strong Build:

As we mentioned above, the feature phones are built strongly. Nothing will happen if you slip your phone once or twice, or sometimes more. There are people who can tell you that they have really thrown away their phone, (like literally!) and still it is working properly. This happens only with a feature phone. If you are an ardent traveller who goes off roading, mountaineering, cycling, racing, feature phone will be a better companion than a smartphone.

7. Easy to use:

A feature phone is far easier to use than a smartphone. It is less complex and easy to catch up even for the beginners, that is not the case with the smartphones. Even experts might take time to get used to a smartphone.

8. Saves quality time:

Feature Phone

You will get more free time once you have avoided the smartphone. There are no addicting games, no apps, no social networking features available in a basic feature phone. No whats App, no mails, no updations. You will be free from checking all these distracting titbits. Spend this extra time with your loved ones, go out doors and enjoy some free time.

9. Keeps needs minimal:

With a basic feature phone, the needs will be minimal. Battery charge, re charging amount, extra data charges, extra feature charges, noting will be a burden here.

10.Go Tension free:

The chances of getting stolen is lesser for a feature phone than a smartphone. Imagine that you are going for a journey. Your smartphone will be the major precious belonging that you have to take extra care of as so many personal data will be stored in it. More pictures, videos, social network access, even net banking would have accessed through mobile. If it is feature phone, your tension would be far less.

Disadvantage of Feature phone:

Though the feature phone has so many advantages, it has disadvantages too. The given below are the major disadvantages or rather the limitations of feature phones.

Feature Phone

1. Outdated:

This is the major accusation on feature phones. It is true that they do not support any apps, do not let you experience the features of new games, it does not look that stunning like the smartphone. It is not bigger like the smartphone. Keep a feature phone and your smartphone owner friends will tease you.

2. Minimal features:

A feature phone will not be having features like the smartphone. Limitations are there. Though some of the feature phones can give you more options, comparing to smartphones, the features are very limited.

3. Other devices:

If you are a feature phone owner, you might be forced to take a tablet or PC with you, if you are in need of internet access. If the feature phone does not support GPS, you will have to depend on other devices/ equipments to get the directions. Like that, there are so many limitations.

4. Looks and Design:

In its look and design, the feature phone might look a bit less attractive than the smartphone. But there are feature phones available in the market with stylish looks and design. Just that all of them do not have it.

5. Games:

As we have mentioned earlier, there won't be as much addictive games as in a smartphone. The visual graphics, the navigation options, the storage memory, all are limited in the feature phone.

Feature Phone

6. Camera:

Though the camera options of the feature phone will not be as sophisticated as that of a smartphone, there are feature phones out in the market with pretty good camera features. Just that you might have to use your PC for minute editing works.

7. Screen:

The screen size, resolution and the pier pixel inch of the feature phone will be critically low, when compared to a smartphone.

8. Storage:

The RAM and the internal storage memory will be lower on a feature phone. That is why the phone can not perform at a stunning speed like a smartphone. Though there will be an SD card support for most of the feature phones, the RAM and the internal storage memory can not be expanded further and it will effect the storage of apps and also the performance of the feature phone.

These are the major advantages and disadvantages of Feature phones and Smartphones. Hope we could get you an all-round knowledge about the two. Now, it would be less difficult for you to make a choice between the two. Keep these pros and cons in mind while choosing the right phone for you.

Best of Luck!
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