Moto G 2nd Gen vs Moto G 1st Gen - A comparison review

Motorola launched Moto G Gen 2 at market price Rs.12,999

After keeping a low profile for quite a long period, Motorola has been making waves with the new Moto X, E, G series. Adding another color to the canvas, Motorola launches Moto G Gen 2 just in time for the festival season. Gen 2 is being introduced as an upgraded version of the much admired Moto G Gen 1.

Moto G 2nd Gen vs Moto G 1st Gen

Design and display
Apart from certain upgrades, Moto G Gen 2 uses the same hardware as Gen 1, on a much cheaper and affordable price level. Phone appears to be tall and sleek in design compared to the previous version, yet slightly heavy (149 grams) compared to the Gen 1 (143grams). Display of Gen 2 is an improved version of Gen 1.This phone comes with a 5.1 inch HD 720×1280 pixels IPS LCD display. Curvy edges and a water resistant coating adds to the smart yet glamorous design of this phone. A Gorilla Glass 3 protection is also installed for the display.

Moto G 2014

Gen 2 has an 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera while Gen 1 has a 5 MP rear camera and 1.3 MP front camera. It is one touch to panoramic HD pictures and videos with Gen 2 while Gen 1 was severely criticized for having a below average camera with over loaded features. The 2MP front camera of Gen 2 is well in tune with the selfie furore.

Moto G 2014 Camera

Processor and performance
Both the phones are powered with the same 1.2 GHz quad – core CPU. So there is no compromise on the performance as multitasking is the major attraction here. Gen 1 has been famous for its extra ordinary performance which it invariably passes on to Gen 2.

The memory storage of Gen 2 is 16 GB with an expandable memory up to 32 GB. The SD card option which was lacking in Gen 1 is improved with Gen 2. The storage has caused a major let down for Gen 1 while competing with brands like Nokia. However 32 GB could still be a let down with phones like Nokia Lumia 530 offering expandable memory up to 128 GB at a price range of Rs.7000.

Moto G 2014 Speed

Additional features
Stereo sound seems to be another attraction here with two front speakers. Ambient light sensor for screen brightness control, accelerometer for better performance in motion games etc are some of interesting features in this handset.

Moto G 2014 customizable covers

Final verdict
Limited storage and a below average camera were pointed out as the weak points on Gen 1 which Gen 2 has solved quite well. If you have already used a Gen 1, this wouldn't feel like much of an upgrade but yes, If this is your first experience with Motorola, Gen 2 wouldn't disappoint you.
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