Sailfish OS and Jolla: What to expect?

Key features of Sailfish OS

Past days has been all about Sailfish OS and Jolla, the new OS compatible with Android Apps. This claim made by Jolla back in November 2013 had caused quite an issue, questioning the credibility of the news. The new Jolla smartphone is the best possible answer it seems. While people are apprehensive about Sailfish OS, Android compatibility is sure to add some weight for Sailfish in India. It is Android that has been ruling the third world countries single-handedly all this time. Sailfish here could be a real opponent now, about time I would say. So what are the perks of Sailfish?

The major feature pointed out about Sailfish OS is its multitasking ability which allows the users to jump in and out of the Apps without closing any of them. It is the first time that we have seen such a feature in a mid range phone whereas it is usually associated with the High-end ones like the Apple iPhone 6 series (iOS 8). The nine gird view will be able to display nine live apps which helps the users switch between them easily.

Jolla Sailfish

User Interface
User interface however had the hands-on experts troubled as it looks a bit like everything that we have seen so far. Or I would say the best of everything put together perhaps? Anyways, you have a whole window of apps here with currently running apps shown on a grid style. Rest of the functions are all one swipe or drag away.

Button Free Handset
Everyone got a bit baffled when a button less handset landed on their hands, but it is not the handset but the OS that does the job here, seamlessly flipping through screens with the gesture app along with nine apps grid on screen. Though it takes some time to get used to the gesture commands, the phone can be handled a lot easier once you get hold of it.

Jolla Sailfish Handset

Android compatibility
How is that even possible? Well the Alien Dalvik Layer from Myriad Group have made it possible for us. This has previously worked on Android apps in phones like Nokia N9. In addition, Ubuntu apps will also be supported in Sailfish OS.

Unified Message function
This would mean that now you will have a combined view of your Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS and any other instant message services all clubbed together in one view, so that there is no need to start the dedicated app every single time.

Like Android?
As an OS for phone? Yes, very much like Android, but as an OS for OEM's, Sailfish will be available free of cost of course. But to bring in changes in the proprietary features, manufacturers will need license and it will be charged.

Other half?
Other half available in Jolla Sailfish handsets are customized back covers with specific ring tones, wallpapers and features attached to each variant of color. Each of them, when attached, changes the whole mood of the handset, by adapting to it using the wireless NFC technology.

Jolla other half
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