BlackBerry Takes a Leap of Faith With The New BlackBerry Leap!

Here is all you must know about the latest device named BlackBerry Leap by the professional mobile device manufacturers

BlackBerry Leap has arrived in the markets today in the mid to high range price tag. The new full touchscreen device by BlackBerry bears a ringing of the company’s efforts to regain popularity and re-instate their hold in the mobile market.

With tens of budget smartphones being introduced into the market on a daily basis, BlackBerry has received serious flak for not being able to hold the competition. The price of almost all BlackBerry devices have been felt to be above the average customers budget.

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Even professionals showed greater preference to iOS in terms of security and ease of operation. In times as such, when the Chinese mobile manufacturers have managed to rule the smartphone market with their 4G devices, full HD displays and higher pixel cameras at lowest possible entry level prices, companies like BlackBerry have been wounded severely for not being able to keep up with the cheaper standards. At the same time they have also been incompetent in retaining the premium status of the BlackBerry 10 OS by offering BlackBerry Enterprise Services to other mobile platforms. With BlackBerry Enterprise Services 12 moving to the cloud, it should be even easier to deploy these services to medium and even small business. BlackBerry maintains that the mobile security chain is strongest if every component link is BlackBerry-protected. So while its services can be deployed across other phones, security level is highest if a BlackBerry phone is utilized, of course.

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So coming to the new device- BlackBerry Leap, it’s time that customers begin to see a new perspective while opting for a new smartphone device. With security and privacy levels stooping to a real low nowadays, choosing a secure device has never meant so important. The reason why most professionals still rely on BlackBerry devices will be clear with this detailed review on the BlackBerry Leap.

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Even though the company’s major success was in establishing closed and secure network communications specially for the working-classes, this time around, BlackBerry has managed to make a good start into the smartphone market with the BlackBerry Leap. This device comes with a beautiful 5 inches 1280 x 720 HD resolution, 294 PPI pixel density display that comes alive with the brightest and most vivid imagery on screen.

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An 8 megapixel Auto-focus camera with flash, continuous and touch to focus, Video image stabilization, 5x digital zoom, 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps and 2DOF video stabilization. The rear camera sports a 2 megapixel fixed-focus shooter enabled with 720p HD video recording and 3x digital zoom.

The device works on a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm MSM 8960 processor with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB flash memory. The device supports the latest BlackBerry 10 OS that comes accompanied with several BlackBerry utility apps and device syncing options. Not only does the whole set of BlackBerry software make multi-tasking simple, the app store gives you access to your favourite IM apps and games as well. The BlackBerry OS comes with preloaded games and office apps with the option of customising your device and enabling usage of other Google Android Apps as well. All this comes with the insurance of more secured communication and file sharing passages. Up to 128 GB of extended memory can be accessed through a hot swappable MicroSD Memory card.

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A powerful 2800 mAh battery lights up the BlackBerry Leap. It accounts for 25 hours of non-stop battery life for heavy smartphone usage and up to 17 hours of talk time on the 3G network. The phone supports 2G, 3G and FD-LTE Band 3 in India.

The personalised apps and security features are the main offering of the BlackBerry Leap. Right from pictures to photos, messages, work files and even banking details can be securely saved on your device. BlackBerry Leap is designed with the highest standards of security in mind to protect your privacy. It is equipped with BBM support for encryption, plus built-in malware protection and back-up, wipe and restore. All to give you control and power to avoid falling victim to the next embarrassing and potentially costly cyber-attack.

For professionals the new BlackBerry Leap provides excellent connectivity through the industry recognised BlackBerry 10 browser. Now you can acess your favourite websites at surprisingly fast speeds with the option of having as many tabs opened as you like.

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Managing contacts or content has become even more easy with the new BlackBerry Leap. With the BlackBerry Voice and Text Personal Assistant, you can manage your email, contacts, calendar and other BlackBerry 10 features through voice and text commands. It helps you to execute important tasks quickly in any situation, whether at your desk, in your car or in a meeting. The BlackBerry Hub ensures that messages from across your personal and professional roles, like BBM, text, email, and social media, all appear in one easy-to-manage view.

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BBM lets you chat and share with speed, control and privacy you can’t get on other IM apps. Users can have real conversations with friends and colleagues on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Or chat face-to-face with BBM Video. BBM Meetings is another in-built feature that allows you to schedule, host and participate in meetings easily, with enhanced collaboration features.

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BlackBerry Blend is an App that allows you to sync your mobile to your PC, Laptop or Tablet anywhere and without having to save files through cloud storage or using physical connections. It is a simple app that once downloaded on your device, will extend all your information seamlessly from your smartphone. You can Access your work and personal messages, notifications, documents, calendar, contacts and media in real time on whatever device you are on. Also respond to your BBM or text messages instantly on your computer or tablet when you are at work. And access your work email, files or intranet sites on your computer or tablet when you are at home without the need for VPN.

The new BlackBerry Leap has been priced at Rs. 21,490 which though seems a bit on the high-end, is appropriate considering the premium security features the company is promising customers. However, in the market of more than 150 million smartphone sets, it will be interesting to see if BlackBerry can retain its brand tag.

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