Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to arrive earlier than expected.

Galaxy Note 5 to feature a 4GB RAM and 4K resolution screen.

The Samsung Galaxy release dates and spec rumors have been floating online and as the days are getting close to the predetermined launch date more is the online buzz. Samsung has always been in the fore-front in the race among super sized phones and thus the Phablet revolution has kicked in. Samsung is certainly a superior and ruling company when coming to the tech world. But it never has been able to create shudders in the Apple world so far. Having that in mind the Samsung is all set to release the Note 5 to avoid a head-on duel with the next iPhone. Launching Note 4 and Note Edge in close intervals within the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus has given Samsung a bitter lesson, which makes them to release the phone by August or early September giving them a head- start in the tech race. Here's everything what we have seen so far.

According to latest report the Galaxy Note 5 is to feature a 4 GB RAM which will make it the company's first phone to have a 4GB RAM. Several other devices has already been in the market with this whooping RAM capacity. The already released Asus ZenFone 2 is said to have 4GB RAM and the One plus Two will also be featuring one.

The Rumored Galaxy Note 5

The pictures reveal that Note 5 resembles more of a Galaxy S6 but with a slimmer design but with the S6 there were two major drawbacks- one was the absence of a memory card slot which means no extra storage and secondly the non-removable battery. We badly wish that Note 5 has axed off such disadvantages. The Note 5 is said to sport a 5.7 inch screen with brilliant 4K resolution with a 748ppi. The S Pen, stylus also seems to have undergone some minor design alterations which now makes it look more like a pen. Like the Galaxy Note 4 the Note 5 is also said to be available in Gold, silver, Black and White handsets.

Galaxy Note 5 S Pen

When it comes to the processor Samsung is most likely to install their own Exynos Chip once again as how it was in the S6 and S6 edge. The Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor will not be used most likely especially with the success of the Exynos Chip. According to sources Samsung is all set to rope in its newer Exynos 7422 chipset. This means that the processor, storage, RAM and the graphics processor will all be stuffed into a single board which indicates greater battery efficiency and performance. The much anticipated Google's latest OS is to be featured in the Note 5.

Exynos Processor Will Be Featured Ingalaxy Note 5

With the premium build and intriguing specs given in S6 and S6 Edge the Note 5 has a lot to keep up to the existing standards. A 16 MP camera with optical image stabilization is featured in Note 5. Hope the sensor size and aperture is up to the mark as well.
No news have been released about the price and the launching date so far. If we check the past history of releases it is seen that the earlier Note models have all been released in September at the IFA. So chances are high that we will be seeing Note by September.

Android M Rumored To Be Featured In Galaxy Note 5

The concluding view

The 4GB of RAM will help you in juggling between tasks which are both simple and complex without any hiccups. Last year's Note came in with 3GB of RAM and with the Note 5 galaxy is all set to create a new revolution.
The 4K resolution screen is certainly going to take a toll on your Note's battery life. Devices with 2K resolution like the Note 4 has been found very amazing and sharp and with the 4K one we are not quite sure what to expect.
It will literally be quite a struggle to grab a hold on the Note 5 if the screen size rumored is to be true. What we suggest is that let's wait for the official confirmation of the news of the Note 5 specs before we decide to purchase it or not.
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