Tips to Prevent Cellphone Theft

Here are 25 Tips to prevent your phone from being stolen.

We know how much you value your phone. You might have purchased one, by saving every penny of your pocket money. You might have avoided your favourite delicacy or a trip or some movies to save money for your phone. Have you thought about your dearest phone being stolen? No, we are not saying that we wanna see that happen. No. We wanna help you to prevent your phone from being stole. Just keep in mind these tips given below and you can save your phone from thieves.

Tips to Prevent Cellphone Theft

1. Conceal your cell phone when you are in a public place:

People will be most careless when they are in public. You might think that it is not easy to steal something from you when you are in a crowd. You will think that no thief will be that daring to try to steal in a public. That is a misunderstanding. The chances for a theft is higher when you are in a public for an experienced thief will know that you will not be expecting an attack. So, always be careful.

2. Do not leave cell phones in the open cars:

Tips to Prevent Cellphone Theft

You don’t want to tempt a thief to steal your cell phone, do you? If not, never ever keep your phone inside a car that is unlocked.

3. Never leave your cell phone in your office unattended:

Do not encourage the greedy and kleptomaniacs in your office. Always keep your phone with you.

4. Use a clip or leash to keep your cell phone attached to your dress:

It is not that easy to steal something from you, if that thing is attached to your body. Especially ladies, you have a habit of keeping the cell phone in your handbag and then put the bag carelessly here and there. Be careful with your bags.

5. Consider carefully what information you store on your cell phone:

Tips to Prevent Cellphone Theft

Do not store confidential data, intimate photos, passwords, ATM numbers, Bank Account numbers etc. in the phone under the very sane name. If you are so particular that you need the numbers saved in the phone, make the number over in a way that it looks exactly like a cell phone number. Do not save all the digits. Split the numbers and save under some names of your “imaginary” friends. This will help you.

6. Encrypt the data on your cell phone to prevent others from using it.

7. Always use password lock on the key pad:

Tips to Prevent Cellphone Theft

You can slow down a thief at least by using passwords to restrict easy access to the keypad.

8. Note down the serial number:

Type star-pound-zero-six-pound (* # 0 6 #) and a fifteen digit code will appear on the screen. This is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep it in a safe place. In case your mobile phone gets stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code. They will then be able to block your handset, so even if the thief changes the sim card, your phone will be totally useless.

9. Back up:

Note down emergency numbers in a separate note pad, so that you will be able to contact the service provider or police. Note down the number of your dear ones too. Imagine what all atrocities they might imagine if they couldn't get you on phone? Inform them too that you lost your phone.

10. Enable the PIN Security feature:

Keep your Phone locked at all times.

11. Avoid making calls or texting on your Phone while crossing the road:

Tips to Prevent Cellphone Theft

It is always easy to grab a phone from your hand than from your pocket. You will be totally distracted by the traffic, the signals, the vehicles and also the message you are typing or the matter you are talking to the person over the phone. So, avoid making calls or texting while crossing the road. It might brought you more harm than a mere cell phone theft.

12. Postures:

If you must have to make or receive a Mobile Phone call in public, always do so with your back up against the wall or a shop window etc so that you can see around you and reduce the opportunity to be attacked from behind.

13. Filter Preferences:

Tips to Prevent Cellphone Theft

Only make essential calls in the street. Using a mobile phone in a busy area advertises the fact that you have a piece of valuable property and while talking on the phone you are distracted and not aware of who might be watching you or who might be a potential thief. Use them out of public view and somewhere where you can see what it happening around you.

14. Be Careful in Parties:

Many mobile phones are stolen in places like pubs and nightclubs when they are left on a bar, table or on a nearby seat. Open handbags also prove tempting for thieves, as do carried rucksacks, coats left hanging on chairs and phones left unattended in vehicles and other places.

15. Don't be so generous:

Tips to Prevent Cellphone Theft

Do not give your mobile phone to strangers who ask to use it.

16. Be wise to use Ultra Violet pen:

Security mark your phone with a postcode and house number using an ultra-violet pen. The best place is underneath the battery near to the SIM card and on the back of the battery.

17. Activate GPS:

Activate the GPS function on your device right away. This will help law enforcement track it if it's stolen.

18. Be Sure to Be Cautious in Buses & Trains:

Thieves indeed love these places; in fact, bus stops, train stations and the subways are their most favourite haunts. So you got to be cautious if you are in any of these places. So don’t hold your phone in your hands instead keep it safe in your bag, pouch, or pockets and keep an eye on the surroundings and people around you. Don’t get hooked up at your mobile, all the time looking down and not at all looking around. Also avoid the back pockets of your jeans or the backpacks instead stick to the front pockets and the bags that can be shut with zippers.

19. Careful when you are stopped:

Robbing a person standing still or stealing things from a person who has suddenly stopped in the middle of the way is the easiest of all. So, the most thieves play this trick on their victims by asking them for time, change, address, direction, even cigarette, and so on. When somebody asks you for time do not at all bring out your mobile to check the time, the asker may be thief waiting for this very moment to run away with your phone. Either guess the time or simply say you don’t know. Even while tell the direction or helping somebody with addresses, don’t at all try stopping instead just keep walking on.

20. Don’t Carry Any Clue that You Own an iPhone!:

Tips to Prevent Cellphone Theft

We know that once you have owned it, it is definitely a difficult thing to control the eagerness to show the world that you have got an iPhone. But you have to, in a public. Else, the Apple of the eye will go to someone else's pocket. If you are using a branded expensive phone, do not show off the names cases, bags or pouches.

21. Install Mobile Anti Theft Software:

There are plenty many mobile anti theft software available in the market and they prove perfect security system for your cell phone. Simply install one on your cell phone to keep it safe all the time. With the help of software you’ll be able to access your phone remotely. And if your phone really gets stolen, you can remotely lock it or choose to delete confidential data on it. It also helps in recovering your lost phone as you get to track the data, or SIM exchange as well as the location. Most smart phones come with latest security systems but still they miss out some or other features but a special cell phone security app offers all the needed features.

22. Make a record of all your cell phone information:

Tips to Prevent Cellphone Theft

Take down the details given below and keep in a safe place.
This information must include the following:

a)Your phone number.
b)Your email and password associated with the phone to aid police in tracking
c)The security code and any PIN code needed to the phone.
d)The IMEI number of the phone.

23. Be Controlled:

Keep in mind the possibility that you simply have misplaced your handset and that the person who has it intends to return it to you. Be polite in all circumstances, even if you suspect theft. After all, the phone is yours no?

24. Zip your mouth:

Never reveal your PIN code or SIM Lock code under any circumstances, unless an authorized party is asking for it.

25. Don't lose your Security Code:

Carriers can give you the PIN code, but the Security Code you set on your mobile can usually only be reset by having the software reset by the manufacturer. This means you'll have to visit a repair centre or send the device off for repair.

Tips to Prevent Cellphone Theft

And finally, if you are robbed, do not panic. Be a Good Witness. If you see the suspect, don't try to get it back from the suspect. You can be harmed. Use caution but try to get a good description of the suspect and vehicle (license number, colour, and model) and the last known direction of travel. Write it down if you can and call the cops so they can get it back for you. And never ever hesitate to report a police complaint. If the thief uses the phone for some illegal activities, you will have to answer it, unless you haven't filed a missing/lost report. Deactivate the SIM as soon as it is confirmed that your phone has been stolen/missing.

Keep all these tips in your psyche and save your phone from getting stolen.

Best of Luck!
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I've lost my samsung galaxy Y last week. I've lodged a complaint to nearest police station and blocked the sim card. But i dont get my cellphone back so its of no use now. Even though i've kept the phone lock feature ON always.
By on 04-03-2013

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