Tips on Buying Cell phone for your Parents/ Grand Parents

One day or the other you will need it. Take some tips!!

Have you ever thought of gifting your parents or grandparents a phone? Have you ever noticed which model are they using? Or, do they really use a phone at all? For children who wanna update their parents with a better phone, for the sons/daughters who wanna buy a phone for their lonely parents, we are presenting some tips. These will be useful while choosing a phone for your parents or grandparents. Take a look now, so that at least some of the points will remain in your mind.

First of all, before going to the store, you should analyse three things:

Tips on Buying Cell phone for your Parents

1. Age:

The age of your parent/ grandparents changes the reference. If they are too old, there is no need to go for a complicated smartphone, as it will be a curse for them than a gift. Feature phones are best for this age group. If your dear ones are not that old, are still using a phone and you want to upgrade their phone, then it is a sure shot for smartphone. Age matters, right?

2. Use:

The next basic thing you have to keep in mind is the usage of the phone. For this, you need to know for what all purposes your parents/ grandparents use it. Is it for mere calling? Then go for a feature phone with best call clarity and network coverage. If your parents love to listen to music/ radio, buy a phone that supports these features. Do your parents use it for official purpose? Buy them a 3G enabled, internet supported smartphone. So, first of all, find out your parents likes.

Tips on Buying Cell phone for your Parents


The skills of your parents are proportionate to their age. As I mentioned above, parents who are very old will not e interested to learn the new operation of phones. But if they are not that old and are still a youth at mind, they will be more than happy to be upgraded and to know the new features. You can see them enjoying the new phone like a kid who has got a new toy. So, analyse your parents' choices first. If they are interested in knowing new features, ask them about what all features they like/ dislike. That will help you in sorting out an apt one for them.

Based on these three criteria, you can decide whether you should go for a smartphone or for a feature phone.

A. Feature phone :

If you have decided to go for a feature phone, well and good. They will be handy and compact for your parent's hand. Some tips which will be useful while selecting a feature phone for your parent are here:

1.Display colour:

Depending up on the like and status of your parent, you can choose whether to go for a black and white display to opt a colourful display. Though colourful display look good for you, the parent might be feeling that the black and white display has more clarity. Better ask them or try giving them both and then confirm.

Tips on Buying Cell phone for your Parents

2.Display size:

Go for bigger displayed phones. They might be having normal vision like you. Go for a display in which the letters and the numbers are displayed bigger.

3.Key board:

Be careful about the key board too. Make sure that the keys have enough space between them. It will be beat to go for the key board with individual keys. Nokia has so many feature phones with this type of typing friendly key pads. Take care of that point.

4.Speed dial:

Make sure that the phone has easy seed dial. Almost all phones of nowadays have the feature. Still, just confirm it, to be on the safer side. And also, do not forget to set the speed dials. Attach the numbers of close family, close neighbours, a close family friend who is nearby and also that of the family doctor.

5.Memory card:

If you wanna store your family pics, favourite musics and all to the phone, go for a phone with an SD card support. If you are sure that your parents will never open folders, then do not fall for extra memory.

Tips on Buying Cell phone for your Parents

6.Music player:

If your parents love to hear music, make sure the phone supports music player and Radio. And also make sure that those are very handy to open.

7.Battery life:

Always go for phones with longer battery life. Your might not want to keep the phone for charging so often.

Tips on Buying Cell phone for your Parents

8.SIM Type:

Better go for Single SIM phones than Dual SIM as far as the old people are concerned. Single SIM decreases the operation easier than the other. If your parents insist, go for dual SIM. But always remember, that the single SIM phones are easier to use than the dual SIM ones.


Go for the handy, compact model. Though it should have a bigger display, do not buy a gigantic phone. Buy something that is handy for the parents to use.

Tips on Buying Cell phone for your Parents


Of course it is a gift to your parents. But you do not need to be ashamed that it is low cost. High cost devices are more complicated and your parents will be having a very tough time with it. Never be hesitated to buy your parent a set worth Rs. 2000. You might be using a set of 45000/- rupees. But that is not the case of your parents. The ease of use and the purpose of use are the main two categories which you have to be concerned about. Not the price. And also, if the parents are too old, there are chances that the phone might fall down sometimes, or they might forget where they placed it. If it is a costly phone, all these will worry them beyond words as t is a gift from you.

B. Smartphone:

If you have decided to buy a smartphone your parents, here are some tips:

Tips on Buying Cell phone for your Parents


Before buying the high prices smartphone for your parent, ask for their choices, they might have been planning to buy one, and then buy it for them. Or they might have some special features in their mind. Understand that and buy a smartphone that suits them. If you blindly choose a high price smartphone, which was not their choice, they might not be happy with that. They would be like being forced to use it. Avoid such a situation. That is better no?


If your parents were using a phone before, try to know from them the drawbacks they found in it. It is always good to go for a smartphone with bigger display. But not so bigger that their fingers ache from stretching. Better take them with you to the store and give a display piece to them so that they can experience the comfort level by themselves.


When I said “bigger display”, the point was made clear no? The device should not be bulky. A heavy, bulky, big device might suit you. There is no guarantee that your parent will fancy it.

Tips on Buying Cell phone for your Parents


Is your parent interested in taking photos? Is there a chance that they might use the smartphone for video calling? Then you have to be more conscious about the camera features. Buy a smartphone with more than 5 MP rear camera and also a good front camera. If your parent is not at all interested in the camera features, you can cut down that from the essential list.

5.SIM status:

Is your parent still working? If so, it’s better to present him/her with a dual SIM smartphone, as it will be easier for them to manage the professional and personal life together. But if they are not interested in taking a new number, then forget it.

6.SD card:

Make sure that the SD card is easily accessible. If your parent is a music lover/ video lover, there are chances that he/ she might want to use more than one memory card.

Tips on Buying Cell phone for your Parents


If your parents are interested in faster email and net browsing features, who always stays up to date with the happenings of the world around them, who is still trendy, go for Windows Phone. If your parent is a business person with high status, and who will be using lots of apps, then go for iPhone. If your parent loves new innovations, new apps, and advanced features, go for Android.


Whether it is a smartphone or a feature phone, always go for the one with best battery life. When it comes to gifting a mobile phone, battery life should be an essential criterion.


Make sure that the smartphone has only the essential apps. Insert the apps that they will be using and un-install all the other. Make the apps tile on home screen so that they can use it easily. Download essential apps. Better do that before gifting it, as they might not be able to do it by their own.

10.Key board:

Make sure whether your parents like a physical key board or an on screen one. Some might feel unsatisfied with the touch screen key pad. If your parent belongs to that category, buy a smartphone with QWERTY key pad.

Tips on Buying Cell phone for your Parents

These are some of the things that you should consider for buying a smartphone for your parent. Do you have something else to add? If so, please write that in the comment box given below.

Good Luck!
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that was a great help. i was fed up with searching for a phone for my father. this helped me a lot.
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Good one. Quite informative.
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