USB Type-C - Innovative and Powerful

Everything you need to know about the all new USB Type-C revolution.

USB devices has always been an inevitable part of our daily life. If we take a look around our home or office quite a few USB cables and devices can be spotted. At present there are already seven types of USB connectors in use, they are: USB 2.0 A, B, mini B and micro B; and USB 3.0 A, B and micro B, and now Type-C is the newest addition to the lot.

Usb Type C Comparison

Type-C is a petite new connector shape, its about one third the size of Type-A port. The single connection standard is what makes Type-C outstanding. The port measures 8.4mm by 2.6mm a bit wider and thicker than the current USB which stands at 6.8mm by 1.8mm.

Usb Type C Port And Connector

Why USB Type-C is considered to be the next big thing in the Gizmo world:-

Hassle free life - A single cable can connect you to a multiple devices. No more dilemma of having different shaped USB devices for all the various devices that one has to use. Thus no more ports to take huge spaces on your device thus making it appear much slimmer.

Reversible - Less orientation struggle as there is no more fidgeting and fumbling around to plug in the device in the right way because both the connection ends are equal.

Enormous power capacity - This Type-C port can deliver upto 100 Watts of power. This means less waiting around for charging the battery of these devices. Being bi-directional it can either send or receive power.

Efficient data transfer - It can transfer data at a rate of 10Gbps which is double the transfer speed of USB 3.0(5Gbps) and making it equivalent to Thunderbolt connections.

Backward compatible - It simply means you can use it with all the existing ports around you, but it is not possible to plug older USB versions into the tiny Type-C port nor connect a Type-C connector into an older and larger version of USB port, for that all you need is an adapter that allows you to connect the Type-C connector into a bigger USB port and vice-versa. Whether you want to connect your laptop to an external hard disk, or to a television or even charge your smartphone all of it is possible with the USB Type-C connector.

Video source - The port can also serve as a video output source due to its higher data capacity.

Type C Male Connector To Micro Usb 2 0

Perhaps one can easily assume that USB Type-C is the next most happening feature in the upcoming devices. Even though it may take quite sometime for the Type-C port and connector to get popularized and get into the hands of millions of users it will for sure simplify the way we work, with just one cable for multiple devices.
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