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Latest news from the rumour mill about the iPhone 6

When it comes to Apple product, there is no way that the rumour mill would stop spinning. It will keep on producing rumours till the event of the official announcement of the device by the company. It was not that long ago that we presented for you the confusion between the iPhone 5S and 6. now, it is time for the latest rumours. Let us check out the new waves.

With the release of Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z, Apple can't just take away the first place just like that. The competition is much more tighter than ever before. So, Apple has to be very conscious and strategic on the release on its new device.

The Release date:

If we go with the Apple's usual method releasing the 'S' version before the next one, it is time for the iPhone 5S. There are every possibility that the 5S would be releasing in September or October this month. If so, the iPhone 6 will be releasing only in 2014. bit if the iPhone 5S and the 6 are releasing adjacently, there are possibility that most of the customers will decide to wait for a few more months and but the iPhone 6, instead of the 5S smartphone. That would be a wise decision too.

Apple iPhone 6

iOS 7:

We should admit that the iOS continue to disappoint us with the release of its each updated version. We are sure most of the uses will agree with us that the iOS 6, which was released along with the iPhone 5s, was actually a step backward from the previous version. The Apple Maps were really horrible when compared to the Google Maps, which is the best in the resent scenario.

But with the new iOS 7, we really hope that the things will change. Released at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, the software gives us so much promises and hopes. Hopefully, the interface and the icons would be redesigned. In short, we hope that this will give altogether a new look for the ext Apple produce. We really hope that the iPhone 5S will have the iOS 7, and the iPhone 6 will have the upgraded version of it.


As the iPhone 5S will be having the same screen as the iPhone 5, the screen size and technology of the iPhone 6 is a much awaited feature. Most probably, the screen of the iPhone 6 will be bigger than the iPhone 5. we can see that the bigger screens are the trends of the time. Samsung, Sony, HTC, all are going for the full HD bigger screens.

Of course, Apple will not get in to the game without a retina display. It will assure the pixel free display at the normal distance. Tim Cook has made a statement that might seem to deny the large screened iPhone 6. He said,
"My view continues to be that the iPhone 5 has the absolute best display in the industry, and we always strive to create the very best display for our customers," said Cook. "Some customers value large screen size, others value other factors such as resolution, colour quality, white balance, brightness, reflectivity, screen longevity, power consumption, portability, compatibility with apps and many things.

Apple iPhone 6

"Our competitors had made some significant trade-offs in many of these areas in order to ship a larger display. We would not ship a larger display iPhone while these trade-offs exist."

But the statement can be read as a promise that Apple will bring large screen by ironing out all of these trade offs. That is a positive sign then.

Eye Detection:

This could be somewhat similar to the smart Watch feature of the Galaxy S4. As the iPhone 6 is rumoured to have a bigger display, measures should be taken to control the power consumption as far as possible. So, Apple might bring in a gaze detection technology, which will help the device to detect whether the user is looking to the screen or not. If detects that the user is distracted to something else, the device can pause the video and turn screen off.

Apple iPhone 6


Nowadays, everybody prefers not to carry a digital camera along with them, as far as they have a phone with a decent camera configuration. So, as far as the smartphone industry is concerned, the camera is one of the main criteria that decides the standard of a smartphone. Apple is slightly running behind the line as the camera of the iPhone 5 was inferior to that of the Galaxy S4 or the HTC One.

According to the rumours, the iPhone 5S will be packing a camera of 12 mega pixel sensor. Considering that the iPhone 5 had only a 5 MP camera, this will be a good achievement. And most probably, the iPhone 6 will have at least the same if not a better camera.


The peak of the smartphone storage has been fixed as the 64GB for the past few years. So, the smartphone giant Apple should have at least 128 GB for its storage, and don't call us greedy. There are plenty of smartphones available at a reasonable price with 64GB, nobody will be giving Apple a vote if it gives 64 GB for such a huge priced smartphone. As Apple has given the 128 GB storage to the iPad 4, we all know that it is not a herculean task for the company.


Apple have heard enough criticisms for avoiding the NFC technology in its iPhone 5 smartphone. So, he presence of NFC in the next Apple device will not be meaningless. This would make more sense as Apple has plans to push its Passbook App, for storing store cards, tickets and coupons.

Apple iPhone 6

In fact Apple poked the NFC technology during the showing off of the AirDrop feature of the iOS 7, by saying that the AirDrop feature is far better than bumping phones together. They are right in the case of file sharing. But when it comes to secure payments, NFC will be useful. The digging of Apple might be out of its sour grapism.

Smart Bezel:

So far Apple has been the apple of the eyes of the smartphone freaks, owing much to its ease of use and simplicity. But, as the iOS 7 has been released, there will be radical changes in the new device for sure. The smartphone market is getting really a battle field, and to fix a foot there, Apple will have to bring in new changes.

According to reports, Apple is planning to install a smart bezel, which will use a secondary display system. This could be embedded around the primary screen or even on the rear side of the device, for providing new controls that light up when it is necessary.

Apple iPhone 6

According to reliable sources, "Apple intends to use the secondary display to introduce a new set of illuminated indicators that would be able to morph into various controls for work and play. Illuminated gaming and productivity controls could be built into the face-side of the bezel and/or selected back-side areas of iOS devices like the iPad."


Of course, we can expect an updated model of the dual-core Apple A6 processor, which features in the iPhone5. We expect at least a quad-core Apple A7, using ARM Cortex A15-based cores. If Apple sticks to dual cores, it will lose the game for sure. Most of the leading smartphones in the market have quad core processors. Some have stepped to even Octa cored processors.

As always, Apple have neither denied, nor accepted these rumours. They still remain zip mouthed about the leaked pics, specs and rumour regarding the next iPhone device. Though we are presenting the rumour regarding the iPhone 6, there are possibilities that some of these might feature in the iPhone 5S too. So, till Apple opens it's mouth, lets spread these gossips. Your contributions are also welcomed. Feel free to Comment in the box given below.
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