Jolla and Sailfish – Official Video

Watch the performance of new Sailfish OS here

Sailfish OS is the shiny new toy here. And we all have been thrilled about the hands alone, button less user style of this OS. Jolla, the Finnish smart phone running on all new Sailfish OS has arrived here. Not many of us had the privilege to enjoy knowing this glamorous creation up close.

The HD, class video featured by Jolla here, provides us with an extraordinary view into the whole functioning of Sailfish OS. What we see here is the combination of all the good grid view from Windows phone and the whole swipe game, taken to another level of perfection. Sailfish claims that, Jolla is the only smart phone which shows you all the running apps on one screen without having to open or close them.

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Last updated on 29-09-2014. Published on 29-09-2014.
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